The Tibet Emergency response Department organized the propaganda of disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day to a complete success!
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  May 12, 2019 is the 11th National disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day in China. From May 6 to 12, it is the propaganda week for disaster Prevention and Mitigation. The theme of this year's disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day is "improving disaster Prevention and Control ability and Building Life Safety Defense Line". In order to do a good job in all the work of this year's disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day and carry out disaster prevention and mitigation activities in our region in a down-to-earth manner, the party group of the Department attaches great importance to it, and has organized 31 regional direct organs, enterprises and institutions in the name of the Office of the disaster Prevention and Mitigation Committee. 28 Lhasa member units, a total of more than 260 people participated in the Yutuo Road pedestrian street disaster prevention and mitigation publicity activities. The deputy inspector of our office will personally lead the team, and the emergency command of the organ of the hall shall be carried out. The Centre, the Education and training Service, the Rescue Coordination and Plan Management Office, the Flood Control and drought Relief Service, the Fire Prevention and Control Management Service, the disaster Relief and material support Branch, the Science, Technology and Informatization Branch, the Information and Information Service, the Logistics Center, The risk Monitoring and Geological Hazard Rescue Office sent personnel to participate in the publicity activities.

  This propaganda activity arranges more than 160 pieces of theme exhibition board in the conspicuous position, distributes free to the public disaster prevention and mitigation self-rescue manual, the theme poster and so on propaganda material more than 10,000 copies, involves more than 200 kinds of content.

  The disaster prevention and reduction publicity campaign is the first organized comprehensive disaster prevention and reduction promotion activity since the establishment of the Office of Emergency Management, and closely related to the theme of the disaster prevention and reduction day of this year, and widely publicized the important discussion of the general secretary of XiJinping on emergency management, safety production and natural disaster prevention and control. The Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region has widely publicized the spirit of the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region on disaster prevention and reduction Insist on the principle of combining prevention and rescue, and stick to the combination of normal disaster reduction and non-normal disaster relief. From a focus on post-disaster relief to pre-disaster prevention, the transition from a single disaster to a comprehensive disaster reduction should be changed from disaster reduction to disaster mitigation The risk of harm changes. Carry out special propaganda and education to ensure the smooth passage of life. To further popularize flood and waterlogging disasters, droughts, snow disasters, earthquake disasters, wind and hail disasters, geological disasters, ice lakes, barrier lakes, mountain torrents, fires, Forest grassland fire and other kinds of disaster knowledge and prevention and response basic knowledge and skills. The scale of publicity has been increased compared with previous years, the units and the number of participants have reached a new high, this publicity campaign is closely linked to the theme, and achieved the desired results. Through publicity, citizens have a better understanding of the types of disasters and a further improvement in their awareness of disaster prevention.

  After each propaganda unit cleans and cleans its own propaganda area, the propaganda activity ends at 12:00.

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