Promoting the implementation of the main responsibility of Enterprises to ensure the safe and stable Development of Enterprises
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  In order to further do a good job in the construction of the second phase of the tailings reservoir of Yulong Copper Co.Ltd.and earnestly strengthen the safety of non-coal mines in our city, Comrade Zhao Ming, vice mayor of the municipal government, will lead the team, the Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment, and the State Land Bureau, The inspection team composed of leaders of the Emergency Management Bureau and other relevant units inspected the second phase construction of the tailings reservoir of Yulong Copper Mine Co. Ltd by listening to the work report and in-depth on-site inspection.

  Afterfully understanding and examining the production of the enterprise, the inspection team put forward five requirements for Yulong Copper Co., Ltd.: first, the management of the construction personnel should be in place, the measures should be in place, and the implementation should be in place. Require the construction party to resolutely achieve unsafe and not production, do not rule out hidden dangers not to produce; Second, in the aspect of project quality, the construction party is required to strictly inspect the construction quality of each process, so that the previous process is not qualified without inspection, and must not enter the construction of the next process; Third, strengthen the inspection of construction machinery and equipment, in addition to the written information audit, but also on the spot inspection and maintenance of the equipment, in order to ensure the safety measures of machinery and equipment In place, the mechanical operator license in place; Fourth, according to the characteristics of the project and its surrounding environment, the construction units should fully consider the possible influence of the production environment, the labor environment and the surrounding environment on the construction, and further speed up the progress of the construction of the net fence. Avoid affecting construction safety and construction quality because of inadequate work preparation or safeguard measures and inadequate protective measures; Fifth, Yulong Copper Co., Ltd. should further implement the main responsibility of the enterprise, improve the signing of safety agreements with construction parties, and ensure that production safety does not miss dead corners and does not leave blind areas.

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