Lhasa transportation industry group carried out emergency production safety drills
稿件来源: Tibet business daily, China Tibet news network 发布日期: 2019-06-20 浏览次数:       字体大小:

  On June 6, Lhasa transportation industry group launched the "fourth session of emergency production safety drill" in duilongdeqing district, Lhasa. Leaders from the road transportation administration of the autonomous region, Lhasa municipal government, Lhasa transportation administration and Lhasa transportation industry group participated in the emergency drill.

  At 10 am on the same day, xiong chenzuo, general manager of Lhasa transportation industry group co. Later, the participating units of the drill held an oath ceremony, and li zhongfu, deputy investigator of the Lhasa municipal government office, announced the start of the drill. The content of the drill has been set up in such situations as stranded bus, anti-terror bus, taxi collision, tour bus rollowing, anti-terror and anti-explosion of passenger station.

  Cao enhong, secretary of the CPC leading group of Lhasa transportation administration, said that the exercise tested the scientificity and practicability of emergency plans of various transportation departments, and reviewed the emergency teams and comprehensive disaster relief capabilities of the transportation industry.

责任编辑: Bianbahzhuoma